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Queering the story of Lucifer is an exercise in finding alternative meaning. The faster and more accessible technology develops, such as the virtual reality headset and 3D printer in which this sculpture was created, the more absurd the myths and legends of the Bible become. 


Lucifer, fallen angel, the morning star, God’s son–posited as haughty, power-hungry and glory-driven is to me, not believable. If anything, Satan cried the day he left heaven. Caressing his father’s cheek, blowing a kiss, and breathily proclaiming, “I gotta go daddy...”, running out the palace doors, closing one by one as he looks out onto the universe, atop a silken cloud. Positioning God, not Lucifer, as the onus of failure, I relate to an allegory of a son deciding to venture off into the world, leaving his home to journey on his own adventures.


 Exodus rather than exile.

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